Best Baby Safety Product in India

Having a brand new child or toddler roaming freely round the home generally is a fairly daunting factor. There are such a lot of issues to consider, so many areas to babyproof. These Baby Safety Product are sufficient to provide you sleepless nights which are nothing to do with sleep regressions!

As a guardian, we wish to make sure that our little ones are protected and secure, at dwelling or out and about. That’s the reason we have now compiled an inventory of the highest child and toddler security merchandise that you just didn’t know you wanted. These Best Safety Products for Baby will protect your baby from all possible accidents.


Best Baby Safety Product in India

Right here’s our choose of the very best security merchandise for infants and toddlers…

1) Amazara Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards

Amazara Baby Proofing Corner Guards I Pre-Taped Corner Protectors I Child Safety Edge Guards I 10 Pieces Brown

You can cover sharp corners on tables and hearths to protect little bodies from bumps and bruises.

You never realize how many sharp edges your home has until you become a parent. Then suddenly, you become worried about ugly bruise or head injury due to the corners of glass tables or wooden desks.

But these corner guards will covers these hard and pointy spots with cushion.

It is a tremendous way to protect your baby from all the corners and edges and let your precious baby move around freely.

These Amazara soft and high-density foam edge cushions protect your babies and seniors from injuries from sharp edges and corners of walls and furniture.

This pack includes an installation guide and 3M Edge Roll and 8 Pre-taped Corner Cushions. These can fits most standard size furniture. You can cut the edge cushions to fit your furniture measurements.

It is easy-to-peel and provides secure adhesion. Amazara edge protectors don’t damage your furniture and are easy to remove.

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2) KidDough Furniture Safety Locks for Kids

KidDough Furniture Safety Locks for Kids (21x5cm, White) – 10 Pcs

KidDough has a single hand push button design that is easy to use for parents but difficult to understand for babies and pets. With KidDough safety lock you will be able to do multitask, such as carrying your little one in one hand and just pressing the button by other to lock or unlock it.

KidDough Safety Locks are super sticky with 3M tapes on their back, so you can stick it on any surface you want. Also it is difficult to remove for kids.

It is very easy for installation, just peel and paste! So it become super easy to put these safety locks on your drawers, toilet seat, refrigerator, etc.

You just have to clean the surface on which you want to apply and peel the tape covers from one end and paste it. Then accordingly peel off the other end’s tape and paste it.

The ends are made up of ABS plastic which are strong, durable and does not break easily.

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3) Paradox (Label) Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug

PARADOX (LABEL) Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards (Set of 12), White

It is easy, quick and safe way to protect your toddler/kids from accidents and prevent electrocution! These round outlet plugs keep your children away from electric hazards and keeps baby safe.

It is made of ABS-durable plastics which is secure for children’s health.

These type of electrical outlet covers, also known as “safe plates” which are an additional cover that can put on top of your current outlet. This outlet cover is spring loaded and prevents your child from poking anything inside of it.

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4) LifeKrafts Baby Safety Locks

LifeKrafts Baby Safety Locks, Pack of 6 ; Adjustable and Flexible Lock ; Big 3M Adhesive Surface Area for Better Stick ; Cabinet Drawer Lock Children Kids ; Kitchen Fridge, cupboards (White Color)

LifeKrafts Baby Safety Locks can be used for multipurpose. They securely shut your drawers, cabinets, appliances, trash cans, toilets, windows, containers & more.

Safety Locks helps you to keep your little ones away from all the dangers in your home. LifeKrafts is a big 3M which has adhesive surface area on both sides. The locks be more strongly fixed to the drawers, Cabinets, etc.

These locks are easy to install and you can make damage proof your home for your baby. It is the perfect solution for apartments or rentals.

These are flexible strap and can bend. Length of the strap can be adjusted before installing.

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5) Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet

Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet (Apple)

These baby safety helmet will be ultimate head guard for your babies and kids who are learning crawling, walking and playing.

It is suitable for 8 months baby to 36 months old kid to add complete safety of your child.

These are insulated with a breathable cotton which protect your baby head from getting injured when they fall while learning crawling, walking and playing.

It is ultra-light weight and it has air ventilation.

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